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Bufferstops from Klose

know· how and technology

For more than 25 years we have been developing track safety systems tailored to your needs at the highest level. The proven technology has been further developed through our new designs. This results in areas of application that are optimized for the user.

Here you will find all the information you need about our buffer stops.

Our new designs represent the advanced development of proven technology, opening up optimised applications for the user, amongst others with:

Corresponding reliability for the planner is ensured by obtaining a quotation from a specialist company as early as in the planning phase Data acquisition for an inquiry or for a quotation is possible using the questionnaire included in the homepage.

Of course, you can also call any time: +49 (0)5452 / 91791-0.

Fixed Bufferstop

Fixed Bufferstops are firmly connected to the track and are mostly used on a limited route.


Brake baffles can absorb very high energies. They are usually attached to the rails with a clamping effect so that the buffer stop can move with it.

If you have questions, we gladly help you. Contact us here.

Sounds interesting? In order to give us an overview, we have developed a questionnaire that prepares us as best as possible for the requirements at your site.